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An easy configurable online cloud approach, Diagenesis production tracking system "Trackchain"
That helps to you to improve your production effectiveness, stock and manufacturing control

Key features
A cloud based solution designed for small and midsize manufacturers which runs on apps and smart phone with the added choices of configurable hardware. Of course, it all depends on what you would like to reach with the software, our software includes:

Real time collection of production, stock and inventory data
Production planner
KPIs for manufacturers
Integration with Sage, Xerox accountancy software
Inventory management
Minimum hardware requirements and requires manufacturer to purchase tablets and smart phones 
Company data secure
Problem solving tool

Key Benefits

Trackchain is now seen as a core tool in the armoury for many across the manufacturing industry when pursuing operational excellence and manufacturing efficiency coupled with supply chain visibility.  There continues to be misunderstandings as to why people should use this type of approach and what outcomes can and cannot be expected from the use of the tool. Like any tool it is important to consider the following points:

There remains little doubt that there is a compelling case for the adoption of a tracking solution in combination with other core tools from the business Improvement toolbox, providing it is taken in context. In its most basic form, the metrics provide a flag to improve and prompts the question ‘Why?’ — If applied wisely, it can be a valuable change-enabler to support the journey to operational excellence. If used extensively, not only does it drive performance improvement but is used as a catalyst for change. It is a proven route many have trodden for some time. It can realise achievements through the improved effectiveness of people, processes and equipment.

The benefits are significant, including reduced cost; increased customer service levels and avoidance of capacity issues which may incur an increase capital spend, among others. We can constantly challenge the status quo, from downtime to managing bottle necks; from enhancing design speeds to reducing waste. It is a ‘management process’ rather than just a functional tool which has engendered a business improvement mentality.
Culturally, moreover, it is important to deploy the tools correctly — driving cross functional teamwork and to deliver supply chain excellence most business owners are clear on the areas of major losses within their processes. However, getting to the root cause of these issues and doing something about them can be far more challenging.

Trackchain can take real time data and translate it into meaningful information, helping to expose exactly what percentage of production time is truly productive — and providing drill down functionality to reveal the causes of lost productivity. Users can identify and quantify the areas of greatest opportunity for improvement (or greatest loss), helping to guide and prioritise the continuous improvement effort. Reuse and Re-cycle’ sits neatly with the outputs of embracing this approach fully. There are huge knock-on benefits from improvements to your processes. by seeking to eliminate the non-value adding time — downtime, slow running and waiting — and improving the quality, performance will have multiple benefits of addressing some of the ‘hidden’ waste and expose the true costs of poor performance on energy, water and disposal which are often underestimated.”

Other Benefits
Small businesses need highly efficient systems to improve productivity and to grow in the competitive work environment. It comes with the readymade solutions for production tracking management, order management, CRM, financial and accounting support, BI and analytics which is customizable as per the business scenarios. Trackchain makes your company available for your customer all time. This platform provides organizations a secure and risk free environment

How our Trackchain system works?
Our tracking systems are comprised of desktop software and a mobile application. These ingredients provide the means to locate physical objects and actual work tasks, collect data on its usage and whereabouts, and report on all activity with supply chain visibility as a given. The system enables businesses of any size to effectively track a collection tasks or items from when the items are purchased or received, manufactured and shipped.
Trackchain Dashboard
Easily monitor Quality Cost and Delivery performance, using our dashboard Allows customers to view the status of their orders online if required.

Collect live manufacturing data
Using apps on tablets and phones collect live data about your production of products, stock and delivery

Easy to use
The Diagenesis system Trackchain is designed to be very flexible and easy to use by any manufacturer

Packages Page For Trackchain

Standard Package - £TBC  per month
Importing and exporting order information – SAP, SAGE, Zero etc.
Production Planner
Stock Control – links to particular order
Highlight orders
Monitor several production line
Delivery like DHL
ISO and Android APPs to provide real time data on phones, tablets and appropriate hardware
Overview of production status


Website can be accessed by clients to review data – access controlled by manufacturer

Bespoke Package -
Standard Package adapted to clients’ needs

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