Fluid / Adhesive dispenser

Fluid / Adhesive dispenser


Complete robotic arm fluid / adhesive dispensing system with 10CC dispensing tube holder appendage.

Dobot M1  now has the ability to control the placement and dispensing of epoxy , potting compounds,  SMD adhesives or solder masks for PCB assembly applications .Easily programmable I/O port ( with instructions) allows for the robotic arm to move to desired adhesive application position area and then remotely activate the dispenser for timed dispense of adhesive.  Metcal (TM) dispenser is also further easily programmable for additional timed dispense options.The System Includes:1. Metcal DX-255 (0-15 psi)  Economical Digital Dispenser system (120V) and starter kit .2. Dobot M1 Bracket Assembly3. Dobot M1 Remote relay control module that interfaces with Dobot M1  I/O ports allowing for activation of adhesive dispenser.  4. Necessary cables for the system.  5.  Locking multi axis 10 ml dispensing tube holder/appendage for tricky adhesive applications. 

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