Precision SCARA multi-purpose industrial robot.

The first truly capable low-cost precision robot arm for manufacturing.


FLX.IDE Programming Software

Integrated FLX.CTL Control Software

Power Supply 

Motor Drivers

Tool Head Interface (24V - RJ-45 LVDS)

Category 0 - E-Stop


Payload 4.5 kg

Reach 406.4 mm (16 inches)

Z axis travel 254.0 mm (10 inches)

Max tool velocity >1 metres/second (>3 ft/sec)

Angular velocity 480 degrees/second

Arm mass 6.80 kg

IP50 rating (higher at the end of the arm)

Repeatability +/-0.025mm (+/- 0.001")

Click to fit modular tool heads for fast integration and application changes

Brushless motors.

Flux Integration products are designed and manufactured in Maine USA. 

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