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Small Production and Educational Robotic Arm

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Linear Rail kit


Dobot Magician  basic robot arm maker kit:
Vacuum pump kit
Writing and Drawing Kit
3D Printing Kit

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Production line

Dosing and fluid application

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Dobot Magician Advanced Education Offer:

Robot Arm
Vacuum pump Kit
Writing and Drawing Kit
3D Printing Kit
Bluetooth Module
Laser Engraving Kit
Wi-Fi Module
Joystick Control Kit


The key features of Magician are as follows:

Dobot Magician’s controlling software DobotStudio has integrated so many features, while making it easier to control a robotic arm.

DobotStudio also has a whole set of parameters for you to customize. You
can control your own robotic arm without any coding

End tool quick switch, it’s never been so smooth
With the standardized plug-in style end tool holder, you can switch
end tools by simply screwing.

Handhold teaching
The handhold teaching feature lets you control a robotic arm without
any limits. The most intuitive interaction bringing the best of your
Multiple controlling