The next generation of affordable AI enabled robot as a carer, tutor, receptionist and monitoring staff in hazards conditions


What is Safebot?

Safebot - designed to be an affordable home and industrial robot. See picture below on how various technologies deliver Safebot

Benefits and Cost of Safebot


Our target and objective is to enable cost savings and service improvements for families looking after a loved one, local authorities, NHS Trusts, housing associations and service providers from using Safebot.

 Safebot will be sold like a mobile contract.  Typically, the cost of Safebot will be in the region of £400-600 a month dependent on sensor requirements for a 24 months contract.


Safebot as a Carer










  • Multi-service & Smart Home: offers multiple mediums of home entertainment and controls home appliances through voice command

  • 24-hourly surveillance to protect your home

  • Linked to Safehouse app




  • Facial recognition

  • Turning on/off home appliances with voice command

  • Various types of home entertainment: projects movies, has somatic games, audio & video playback, presenting the news, etc.

  • Real-time monitoring of your loved ones with the mobile app

  • Detects unwelcome visitors

  • Detects falls

  • Real-time communication


Safebot as an educational tutor, receptionist and monitoring workers in hazard conditions and lone working

Once the carer application has been developed and tested, which will be the latter part of 2018, we will then develop Safebot for education and industry needs

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