Sanbot Offerings

Sanbot Offerings


We are working with our partners Sanbot, Safehouse and RPPPtv to develop the next generation of affordable mobile robots using the latest artificial intelligence vision technology and capable of analyzing human gestures, vocal tones, and expressions.

We are developing applications in the education, health, social care, manufacturing, banking and retail.  The three products that we are developing and will be available in 2018 are described below.



RPPtv are developing the AI to enable Tutorbot to teach children core curriculum subjects, such as maths.  Come to our stand D  at the Bett show in Excel on  January 2018to meet Tutorbot.



Safehousebot is the next generation of affordable companion robots for the elderly Safehousebot.  The key features of Sanbot are listed below.

·      Wellbeing of senior citizens at home by providing social interaction and assistance. Safehousebot can ease loneliness for seniors with social interaction. With Safehousebot, seniors can access communication technology, like Skype, Facetime, games with much more simplicity.

·       Provide carers an update of the house and person using the Safehouse health app and communicate with person via Safehousebot.

·       Can remind elderly and carers about upcoming events, appointments and deliveries. 

·       Can detect if a person falls and raise alerts.

·       Can monitor the well-being of a person  

·       Can act as a security guard and investigate situations in the house.  Carers and social carers can view through Safehousebot the situation in the house and talk to the users.

·       Can provide medication reminders.



Bassibot – Shirley the receptionist


Based on the technology developed for Safehostbot we are developing Shirley the receptionist and security guard for manufactures and retailers.



Hire of Sanbot and Dobot


You can also hire our Sanbot, Dobot and hagen for your events and occasions.  Please contact us at  or phone 07429 406309 for enquires regarding hiring our robots.