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Diagenesis Technology is a solution integrator, which aims to offer affordable Dobot robots and Flux laser technology solutions to industry and education bodies.
Dobot allows you to connect your business/organisations to the next generation automation and robotics technology to improve your productivity, knowledge and profits. Diagenesis Technology in partnership with Dobot (providing education and industrial robots) have developed a new suite of solutions aimed at manufacturers, education and designers to improve their manufacturing process, knowledge, training and profitability.
Dobot Robots are the perfect calibration of servo motor, harmonic reducer and kinetic algorithm inside Dobot robots has brought out the best of strength and speed. Maybe the most powerful multi-function and affordable robots on your desk, especially designed for the following applications:
  • All types of manufacturing

  • Hand crafting businesses

  • DIY makers

  • Designers

  • Education (Schools, Colleges and Universities)

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Our Offering


Dobot Education Robots - Magician


Rhubarb World - Education offering for schools


Dobot and RoboDX simulation software


Dobot Small Industrial Robots - M1 & MG400


6 Axis Industrial Robots - CR series 

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Flux Laser Cutter

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