DOBOT CR6-5 - Self-learning Collaborative 6-axis Robot 

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Diagenesis Technology is a leading edge technology company based in London UK, which aims to offer an ERP system, robotic solutions and design of products aimed at SME manufacturers, designers and education bodies.


           Our products and services are summarized and described below:

  • We are the distributors of DOBOT  small to medium industrial robots aimed at manufacturers, education and designers.

  • We can provide refurbished robots cells for industry.

  • We have developed "TRACKCHAIN" an easy configurable  ERP cloud based  blockchain platform solution that helps manufacturers to improve their production effectiveness, stock and manufacturing control whilst enabling visibility of the entire supply chain process and smart contracts. It can also be used to teach students about ERP systems.

  • Automation of SME manufacturers using robots (large industrial and small robots) and improving the manufacturing process.

  • We will be launching our Rhubarb World platform in June / July 2021 and will provide education and industrial robot clubs to aid students of different ages and industry to learn the basics of robotics, 3D printing, design and programming to advanced application such as collaboration between robots and machines.

  • We are integrator of robotic solutions, electronics and software for designers and education

  • We offer a design service for products including professional rendering, concept prototyping, robotic tooling, rapid prototyping, machining.


Connecting your business/organisations to the next generation automation and robotics technology to improve your productivity, knowledge and profits.

Diagenesis Technology in partnership with DOBOT (providing small industrial robots, see product page) SANBOT , ABB (one of the worlds’ largest robot manufacturer), Hagen Automation, RoboDK and Assentian have developed a new suite of solutions aimed at SME manufacturers, education and designers to improve their manufacturing process, knowledge, training and profitability.

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